starting 2nd Sept 2020 \\ digital collective art

Although we see ourselves as individuals and are even physically separated, we often share questions, feelings, concerns and ideas. BLACK BOX offers a virtual space for joint processing and can create new approaches and connections through its artistic focus. Together we will devote three months, two weeks each, to a thematic focus: shelter, nature, trust, contact. The term black box is an image from psychology. It is based on the assumption that there is a visible impulse or stimulus and a visible reaction or behavior, in between there is a black box, quasi the invisible processing center of the human being.

You are invited to particpate!

We will meet on the platform ZOOM wednesday and receive impulses from two international artists on ONE topic. After this all of us can upload their impulses like texts, pictures, videos, drawings and all that comes to our mind and heart on a website and exchange around it.